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Improve your credit score by introducing a healthy loan on your credit report.

Need to improve your credit score? Have a bad credit rating? America Credit Fix can fix your bad credit history and boost your credit score back up!

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Known Credit Issues

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We do not believe you have a right to perfect credit, but we believe you have a right to correct credit.  Our tools will help you get the credit you deserve.


Having no credit or bad credit can make it difficult to prove credit value. We correct bad credit, help you develop new credit trade lines and provable repayment history. By getting credit cards and new verifiable trade lines for a credit boost, you will prove that you have the ability to borrow and repay. Lenders are looking for this! 


We tell you how to you dispute errors on your credit report and allow you to communicate with creditors and credit reporting agencies. We fix the bad credit fast! Streamline your process and get the repair on bad credit history.


Bankruptcy may leave permanent damage to your credit report. Our Debt Negotiation generator may be the right tool to avoid bankruptcy and the fastest way to rebuild credit after bankruptcy. This credit improvement program gives you the power to stop annoying collection phone calls and set up necessary discussions. Beyond that, it advises on communication with creditors. Last, it creates an affordable repayment plan between yourself and creditors.


Should you have fallen victim to credit fraud or identity theft while on our watch? Our team of credit experts is available every step of the way to help you get everything straightened out.  We will assist you in rebuilding and restoring your credit at no added charge.



Wondering how to fix bad credit history? While possible to repair your credit yourself, many do not know where to start. Or, end up damaging the credit report even further.
We help improve your credit score by introducing trade lines and credit cards onto your credit report to build your positive history and fix that bad credit rating.
These financial products and credit cards put together via our exclusive 3rd party lenders and affiliates who want to partner with a great American credit repair company.

The fastest way to rebuild credit and your credit fix rating! Get back to doing what you love!
We watch, give credit suggestions and help you manage these new trade lines, and guide you in achieving your goals to get the credit score you deserve. Restoring bad credit has never been easier! Your payment covers the CreditAdvise Software and gives you the use of our Credit Improvement/Debt Negotiation Apps. Plus all of our credit check services, evaluation and the protection guarantee of your credit. Our American credit restoration company and Credit Approval Center will connect you to our Credit Affiliates allowing you to have the credit you deserve today! Fast Credit Approvals without the runaround!

Get Guaranteed Visa, MasterCard, Auto Loans, F7 PowerLine.




Each month you stay committed to the loans and programs will show your abilities to pay back debts. This is progress new lenders and mortgage companies want to notice! Let the banks, mortgage companies, and auto loans companies get to know the NEW YOU!

Sick of being judged by your old bad credit or a bankruptcy from the past?

Were you a victim of something that happened out of the ordinary such as a bad divorce, an unexpected job loss, an injury or illness, or identity theft? Auto loan companies won’t leave you alone? Discharge from a bankruptcy and not able to get any new credit? Are you thinking, “I have had bad credit for so long! How can I fix it?” “Is there an American Credit Bureau who cares?” “Is it even possible to fix my bad credit fast?”

At America Credit Fix, We Understand that Bad Credit can Happen to Good People.

But in the real world, lenders judge you based on bad credit regardless of the cause. To make matters worse, each time you get declined for loans from lenders, your credit score drops even more! It’s a difficult downward spiral to recover. America Credit Fix will get you the credit repair you need!

It Is Time We Show The Banks The NEW YOU!

WWe help improve your credit score by introducing a microloan onto your credit report. This loan will pay for your CreditAdvise software. Each month you stay committed to the loans and programs will show your abilities to pay back debts. We watch and synchronize this new tradeline, to help you achieve your goals and get the credit score you deserve.

Let the banks, mortgage companies, and auto loans companies get to know the NEW YOU!


4 Steps to Fixing Your Credit With CreditAdvise

Step 1: Credit Improvement Generator

Delete Errors and Wrongful Data

Errors on Your Credit Report? Looking for credit improvement tips? The CreditAdvise™ Improvement Generator helps you drop errors, compliance violations, and other wrong data off your credit report to correct that bad credit. This works by setting up knowledgeable and bold letters from yourself to creditors, consumer reporting companies, and debt collectors. These letters have a proven track record that spans over 20 years!

Step 2: Debt Settlement

Lower Your Debt For Less

Is Your Debt Out of Control? Contact Credit Fix! Our CreditAdvise™ Software can help you lower your payments and clear your old bad debts. Our CreditAdvise™ Debt Settlement Suite will help you negotiate those arrangements with your creditors, paying no fees to a debt settlement company. Fixing credit has never been easier! Settle deals yourself and lower your monthly payments or even offer a discounted lump sum payout!

Step 3: Credit Rebuilding

Establish New Credit

Negative reporting can make applying for new credit practically impossible. We understand that bad credit can happen to good people. Which is why we’ve partnered with America’s top finance brokers to guarantee you approval for Household Goods, Credit Cards, and Auto Loans.  Our Credit Approval Center will connect you with our Credit associates, allowing you to get the credit you deserve today!

Step 4: Identity Theft Protection

Protect Your New Credit

We give not only you tips or a quick fix to improve your credit score. Let us protect your credit around the clock from malicious attacks against your credit bureau! IdentityLock™’s trained specialists are there to find everything abnormal or unusual and offer protection that few others offer. IdentityLock™ is not a computer system or a call center offshore in another country; they are live American credit experts who recognize what to look for and how to negotiate with credit intrusions. You know you are in good hands and can communicate with IdentityLock™ credit consultants anytime! Day or night!



  • Visa™ Card
  • CreditAdvise Credit Repair Suite
  • CreditAdvise Debt Settlement Suite
  • CreditAdvise Credit Report Tracker
  • Extended IdentityLock™ Credit Monitoring
  • Extended IdentityLock™ Credit Protection
  • Synchronized micro loan reports positively on your credit report each time you make a payment.


Sometimes having NO credit is worse than having bad credit. What is even worse, is struggling to get new credit and re-establishing new credit after you claim bankruptcy. If you are rebuilding new credit after a bankruptcy or trying to avoid bankruptcy, then this America Credit Fix Improvement System™ is for you! Your credit score can improve in 24 hours! Your America Credit Fix Improvement System™ comes pre-loaded with everything you need! It will improve your credit rating and increase your credit score while still connecting you to America’s top debt solutions for any debt settlement matters. We even register the loan with your credit bureau to show the world your new payment habits. An easy and real credit fix is here for you! Have more questions?

Credit Repair Suite

Dispute Bad Credit Reporting Errors

Remove compliance violations
Correct Bankruptcy Errors
Request Data Purges
Wrongful Data
Inquiry removal request
Request Credit Score correction

Debt Settlement Suite

Dispute Debts and Collections

Negotiate Debt – Lower Pmt or Lump Sum Settlement
Demand of Production & Documentation
Cease and Desist – Stop the Phone Calls!
Budget Calculator
Release of Debt and liability
Payment Reduction Request
Bankruptcy Suite (Partners)

*The views and opinions expressed in the testimonials above are those of specific customers. As credit is unique and situations differ, results will vary.